Plunge into a new age of fitness

First-plunge price: $35

AQUACYCLING classes are offered at the Carver Center pool

400 Westchester Avenue, Port Chester, NY 10573

What is Aquacycling?

You pedal & push against the natural resistance of the water coached by an instructor & moved by leg-pumping music.

Where to buy an aquabike?

Here! Premier-quality Essenuoto aquabikes & underwater fitness equipment are ideal for group classes & adjustable for conditioning & physical therapy.


Start with a passion for fitness & fun, then add comprehensive training & certification to lead clients into a new age of fitness with AQUACYCLING!

The Mission

Deliver an exhilarating new workout for every body, at every level of fitness.


Latin name for Water, the element essential to life. We come from water. Our bodies are 60% water. Moving our bodies in this most natural environment is instinctive, elemental.


Wellness is more than good health. It is the optimal state in the human experience, comprised of seven dimensions: the physical, intellectual, spiritual, professional, social & emotional.


All are invited to join this exciting venture to promote good health, expand the underwater fitness business & perpetuate positive change in the lives of everyone we touch.


Will it change your body?

regularly (2-3 classes per week)
& see visible changes in your
legs, abs, back & overall muscle
tone. Ideal for no-impact cardio
fitness & cross-training.

Will it change your outlook?

Most likely.
Exercising in the water, life’s essential element, feels deeply restorative…
Movement & aqua-massage reconnect you an intrinsic stateof balance & wellness.

Will it boost your business?

can turn your pool into a profitcenter with just a few classes per week.

Will it change your life?

We’re training motivated fitness
professionals to lead the trend &
coach all levels of AQUACYCLING
& AQUACIRCUIT classes.

Our Story

Maryline & Laurent

AQUACYCLING changed gears in 2004.
Originally a rehabilitative exercise for physical therapy, AQUACYCLING resurged as a high-energy group class, modeled after popular,
calorie-blasting spin classes.

Clients were curious about AQUACYCLING, then convinced, as they slimmed their silhouettes to leg-pumping music, with no impact on joints & no next-day muscle soreness. The hydromassage & upper body workout helped the AQUACYCLING trend take off in Italy, Germany & France.

In 2007, Italian manufacturer Essenuoto started to specialize in underwater fitness machines, with a focus on lightweight, high-quality materials. Essenuoto quickly distinguished itself as an industry innovator with the patented Maxi Rotor blades and adjustable resistance on their aquabikes.

In 2008, Maryline & Laurent Bouhier introduced AQUACYCLING at their gym in St. Bart’s. AQUACYCLING classes were quickly in demand at hotels, gyms & private pools all over the Caribbean.

Now, AQUA WELLNESS WORLD is introducing AQUACYCLING to the US with customized classes, professional training opportunities & the highest quality equipment from Essenuoto.

Plunge into a new age of fitness with AQUACYCLING

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