This high-tech aquabike is uniquely engineered for use in functional rehabilitation & athletic training of the upper body. The patented Maxi Rotor system offers smooth movement using variable resistance in the water for enjoyable, effective therapy.

This seated aqua arm bike rotates forward & backward, at variable heights, to target complementary muscle groups in arms, back & torso. With professional guidance, patients improve strength, flexibility, posture & cardio fitness. Ideal for treatment of patients with orthopedic & neurological issues, as well as heart disease & obesity.

As with any underwater exercise, hydrostatic pressure & motion in the water provide a unique massage, improving blood circulation & drainage of the lymphatic system.


  • Patented Maxi Rotor blades use only the force of the water for resistive work. Six blades rotate as self-regulating system, varying with the speed of the arm-push.
  • Maxi Rotor blades are angled to maximize movement of the water, enhancing hydromassage to shoulders & upper body. (Helps prevent muscle fatigue & next-day muscle soreness.)
  • Handles glide in a seamless, circular motion: no jerking.
  • Ergonomically designed frame & seat adjust both vertically & horizontally to fit every body
  • Suction cups on base of frame keep this aquabike stable underwater & on any surface
  • Wheels allow for easy installation & removal from pool
  • Frame & parts are treated to last & resist corrosion from all underwater environments