Turn your pool into an underwater fitness center. This aquabike uses the natural resistance of the water to slim legs & strengthen lower body. The harder you push, the faster you pedal, the more you benefit!

Engineered for professional use, the QUALITY AQUABIKE is adjustable for amateurs, athletes, as well as functional rehabilitation. The streamlined ergonomic design makes this aquabike comfortable for any age, body shape & weight.


  • Ergonomically designed frame & handlebars accommodate various cycling positions
  • Seat height is adjustable & handlebars adjust both vertically & horizontally to fit every body
  • Pedals accommodate all sizes: feet just slide in!
  • Can be adapted for pools with a sloping bottom, with depth from 110 to 160 cm (3.5 to 5 feet deep)
  • Suction cups on base of frame keep this aquabike stable underwater & on any surface
  • Wheels allow for easy installation & removal from pool
  • Frame is finished in 316 stainless steel with surface treatment to protect the structure from abrasion & contact with chemicals normally found in swimming pools, sea water & above average temperatures