This high-tech aquabike is unique on the market: featuring adjustable resistance for a fully customized workout. Essenuoto’s patented Maxi Rotor system offers smooth, efficient movement underwater for a truly enjoyable ride.

With variable resistance, the AQUA BIKE PRO delivers several levels of cardio challenge plus lower body workout — with no impact on joints.
Ideal for amateur fitness, professional cross-training & functional rehabilitation.

Underwater exercise = Minimal effort, maximum results


  • Patented Maxi Rotor blades use only the force of the water for resistive work. Six blades rotate as self-regulating system, varying with the speed of the pedal-push.
  • Maxi Rotor blades are angled to maximize movement of the water, enhancing hydromassage to legs & lower body. (Helps prevent muscle fatigue & next-day muscle soreness.)
  • Gear changes are easy, smooth so clients can customize their ride & resistance without interrupting their workout
  • Pedals glide in a seamless, circular motion: no jerking. Also, no need for clip-in shoes: feet just slide in!
  • Ergonomically designed frame & handlebars accommodate various cycling positions
  • Seat height is adjustable & handlebars adjust both vertically & horizontally to fit every body
  • Suction cups on base of frame keep this aquabike stable underwater & on any surface
  •  Wheels allow for easy installation & removal from pool
  •  Frame & parts are treated to last & resist corrosion from all underwater environments