• Rubberized non-slip mat rolls smoothly at variable speeds.
  • Incline is fixed at 13 degrees: optimal for underwater use.
  • Ergonomically designed frame & handlebars are made of stainless steel Inox AISI 316L.
  • Suction cups on base of frame keep Aqua Trekker stable underwater & on any surface.
  • Wheels allow for easy installation & removal from pool.
  • Frame & parts are treated to last & resist corrosion from underwater environments.

Streamlined underwater treadmill is ideal for group classes, individual workout & circuit training.

The rolling rubberized carpet moves with mechanical action of the legs, so speed can be varied. At walking or running pace, the Aqua Trekker Pro improves cardio, works back & lower body with no impact on joints. Legs become toned & defined through a variety of exercises: facing forward or backward, hopping, using one leg at a time.
Upper body & ab exercises can be incorporated using the sturdy, non-slip handlebar.

As with any underwater exercise, hydrostatic pressure & motion in the water provide a unique massage, improving blood circulation & drainage of the lymphatic system.