A New Spin On Spin Class—Aqua Cycling

We were skeptical when we first heard about aqua cycling. Spin class in the pool? Really? Why? (It didn’t help that it was January and we would have to wear bathing suits.) But curiosity about the new fitness trend—which originated in Europe and has just come to the US, and to Westchester—won out, and we gave it a shot. Seated on specialized aqua bikes in the pool, we pedaled and pushed against the natural resistance of the water for two heart-pumping one-hour workouts. We took the plunge at the two Westchester spots currently offering aqua cycling. Here’s what we found:


Aqua Wellness World at The Carver Center, Port Chester
Classes are currently offered on Thursdays and Saturdays. First class is $35; single class: $40; 10-, 20-, and 30-class packs: $290, $540, $750.

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