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A New Spin On Spin Class—Aqua Cycling

We were skeptical when we first heard about aqua cycling. Spin class in the pool? Really? Why? (It didn’t help that it was January and we would have to wear bathing suits.) But curiosity about the new fitness trend—which originated in Europe and has just come to the US, and to Westchester—won out, and we […]

Take the plunge and try AquaCycle

Originally a rehabilitative exercise for physical therapy, Aquacycling is now a high-energy group class, done on sleek, custom-made Italian bikes that use suction cups to stay put on the pool floor. On a Wednesday morning, exercise instructor Maryline Bouhier is leading a class of 15 people through an exhaustive pace. Bouhier, pedaling furiously on an […]

Happy Joints, Happy Life

Think about those cycling classes you take — or maybe don’t take — on a daily basis. Pumping through that hardcore hour, burning hundreds of calories, and even adding some weights to simultaneously work the arms. Now add some H 2 O into the equation. Why would do this? Many reasons, but today we’ll focus […]