Happy Joints, Happy Life


Think about those cycling classes you take — or maybe don’t take — on a daily basis. Pumping through that hardcore hour, burning hundreds of calories, and even adding some weights to simultaneously work the arms. Now add some H 2 O into the equation.

Why would do this? Many reasons, but today we’ll focus on one: the reduced impact on our precious joints.

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As soon as you hear “joints,” you think of the stigma of old age, and if you’re under a certain age, you simply don’t worry about joints just yet.However, we seem to ignore a very basic and crucial part to our joint health: prevention. Many of us do not take precautionary measures to protect our joints until it’s too late. We wait until the pain hits, and at that point, we risk osteoarthritis.

In an AquaCycling class, you push your body through the cool water, while your heart rate actually remains lower than it would be during typical onland cardio. But don’t fret, the blood pressure building up from the exertion throughout the body compensates for the lower beats per minute. Therefore, the cardio benefits are better than dryland workouts, allowing for greater intensity with less impact on the joints. The buoyancy from the water also alleviates the pressure on joints, due to lower body weight in water.

The universality of AquaCycling makes this sport even more alluring. Everyone from professional athletes who are conditioning, to patients in rehab, are finding their own challenge pedaling in the pool. Motivated individuals of all ages and fitness levels should try a class just to experience the difference working out in water vs. working out on dry land. The gravitational pull

on land impacts your body in ways that you can’t appreciate without the comparison. Not only is AquaCycling less painstaking on your body during the class, but there is virtually no muscle soreness the next day… which means you’re ready to schedule your next class.
AquaCycling has become one of the most dynamic and innovative forms of fitness in recent years, leaving the body fulfilled from a vigorous workout while not compromising physical health.

So now the question is: Why not AquaCycle?

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