Let’s Talk about moving Lactic Acid

Photo Credit: Sal Denise and Joe Golden

Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon

As you may know, this past Saturday, Sleepy Hollow hosted its annual Half Marathon along the Hudson River. We would like to start by congratulating all the runners who completed the hilly (and chilly!) 13.1 mile race. The AquaCycling team is always proud to see people of all fitness levels pushing themselves to complete their goals.

We are also pleased to have been part of the Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon with our booth and aquabike on display. We had a wonderful time meeting all the curious people who stopped by, and appreciated those who hopped on the bike! For those of you who did not get a chance to see our booth in Sleepy Hollow, we’d like to share a bit more about ourselves in the fitness world.

Lactic Acid on Your Muscles

Being one of the first and few in the AquaCycling game, we have brought our most innovative form of fitness to our American clients. By pairing water and stationary bikes, we have successfully provided our AquaCyclists with an unparalleled workout. The benefit that truly distinguishes AquaCycling from all other sports is the wonderful absence of muscle soreness post-workout. Some of us are under the misconception that aching muscles are true testimony to a kickass workout. But that’s not always the case. Muscle soreness is the result of lactic acid build up in the bloodstream, and lactic acid is a byproduct of metabolism triggered during intense workout.

Simply, during tough workouts, oxygen is needed to break down glucose for energy, but sometimes there is not enough oxygen to complete this whole process. That’s when lactate is produced. Muscle soreness caused by lactic acid buildup can be pretty painful, and if you’re planning on working out the following day, it can be nearly impossible. (I speak from personal, painful experience.) And this is why AquaCycling is any marathoner’s and gym-goer’s heaven. The resistance from the water cushions the joints (Not muscles) muscles throughout the body helps with the lactic acid build up, alleviating the DOMS*. AND BOOST CIRCULATION… HYDROSTATIC PRESSURE… if you’re feeling achy from your half-marathon, yesterday’s bootcamp class or weight lifting session, AquaCycling is one of the most restorative workouts you can find to pacify those muscles! And let the pain just float away…

* DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

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