Spice Up Your Pool With Aquacycling

At Aqua Wellness World, we sell the most cutting edge equipment and technology for every type of underwater fitness activity. Whether it’s heart-pumping exercise or gentle, functional rehab: If you have a pool, we have you covered.


The innovative machines we place in pools are the New Aqua Trekker Pro (underwater treadmill), the Aqua Jumper (underwater trampoline), the Aqua Bike Pro (stationary bike with unique variable resistance system) and various aqua arm bikes for physical therapy and rehabilitation. Whether it’s a residential building, rehabilitation center, gym, or hotel with a pool, well-designed aqua equipment will transform an ordinary pool into a fresh, invigorating, new experience for all users to enjoy.

Residential buildings, gyms, hotels, and private clubs are prime locations for our ingenious equipment. In fact, adding aqua fitness can turn an empty pool into a very appealing and profitable venture. Because of their sleek look, superior function and undeniable results, our aqua machines offer exclusivity to residents and members of gyms. Aqua fitness is a new and growing trend, so word-of-mouth publicity happens effortlessly. Individuals who plunge into aqua fitness feel their health and physical bodies improving tremendously. The resistance of the water challenges working muscles, but the body is lighter, so joints are protected and movement is fluid at every
age. Hydrostatic pressure improves circulation, and movement in the water provides a hydromassage that helps eliminate muscle soreness and the look of cellulite.

With hundreds of city buildings with pools, and thousands of community pools across the country, there is no reason Americans should not have access to top-of-the-line underwater fitness. All over Europe, and now in Asia and South America, pools are viewed less as playgrounds and more as aqua gyms. There are so many excellent, no impact exercises that are possible in a pool, beyond swimming laps. Our versatile machines expand the range of aqua options, either by filling the shallow end with aquabikes for group classes, or taking up just a small corner for individual fitness. Every piece of Aqua Wellness World’s equipment is ready to move and store as well, with wheels and stabilizing suction cups.

Check out this video to see the Aqua Bike Pro in motion, with its patented rotor system and four levels of resistance for a truly customizable workout

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