What to Expect in Your Aqua Cycling Class

At Aqua Wellness World, we see new faces in our classes on a daily basis. Sometimes these new faces turn into longtime aquacycling addicts who eventually purchase their own aqua bikes! For this reason we decided to make the focus of this weeks post about the class. The beauty of each machine at Aqua Wellness World is that it can always be used as a full body workout, but today we’ll talk about the benefits of the Aqua Bike Pro.

Using a stationary bike is very advantageous, especially when it’s underwater creating greater resistance. The bike can either be used for strictly cardio with minimal resistance, or for building stronger muscle by adding heavy resistance. This increases intensity on the muscles and burns more calories. To maximize your workout, make sure you are upright on the bike in order to truly engage the muscles as you push and pull on the pedals using your weight.


In the class

Step 1: Warm up

As you are seated begin pedaling forward with your back straight. The resistance of your aqua bike should be at Level 2 (low-medium). At this time you will also be wearing your Aqua Kickboxing Gloves. Making sure arms are down and close to the body, start creating circular motions with your arms underwater. Your upper body should be steady as you begin to feel the muscles in your arms and legs warming up. Make inward circles with your arms for 30 seconds, then outward circles for 30 seconds.

Step 2: Recuperation

Continue keeping your back straight and your aqua bike at Level 2 resistance. Now begin pedaling in reverse. Your Aqua Kickboxing Gloves will stay on as you start rotating your torso from left to right. Arms are gently bent at this time as you alternate them to continue making wide circles underwater. Bring the waves over your working thighs to create a hydromassage. The hydromassage assists with diminishing cellulite and avoiding muscle soreness the following day. Immerse your forearms underwater as much as possible and circle inward for 30 seconds, and always remember to breathe.

Step 3: Mountain climb

Begin pedaling forward as you are now standing straight, halfway between the saddle bar, and adjust resistance to Level 3 or 4 (medium-high). Your chest will be lifted, with your shoulders down, while you gently hold onto the handlebar at midpoint for balance. Your toes should be pointed down into the pedal as you sink in your comfortably bent knees. The saddle should be about halfway to your back. At this point you will feel your quadriceps working hard, while you continue controlling your breaths for 45 seconds.

Step 4: Sprint

At this point you will be seated once again, pedaling forward, as you are in your “racing position.” The aqua bike’s resistance will be set at Level 3 once again. Relax your shoulders, close your eyes, and push your heels down. Begin to pedal faster keeping the pace with the upbeat tempo of the music. This quick sprint will last for 1 minute and 35 seconds.


The key to getting the most out of your aqua cycling workout is to control your breathing as you engage your muscles throughout the body. What’s better than a full body workout that’s FUN? 

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